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Wine and Sesame Street

Look carefully at the bling in the zoom of this cover photo. Just one question: is that a tastevin that Bert is wearing? Sort of remakes my idea of Sesame Street.

(Photo from the cover of “Sesame Street Fever,” 1978).


Why McDonald’s is bad for you

McDonald\'s Stock Certificate 1974Everyone has their pet peeves. Some of us geeky writer-types have our silly grammar pet peeves, like the use of the word varietal as a noun, instead of the perfectly good, and grammatically correct, variety (I won’t flog that dead pony here. That’s been covered by many a more talented writer; see below). One of my silly pet peeves is that most insidious of all grammar mistakes, the granddaddy (or gramma? ow, bad pun) of them all: Continue reading ‘Why McDonald’s is bad for you’

Je me marre avec Marre…

Défendez Votre Estomac, Francis Marre; 1911, Malet, ParisFrancis Marre, that is. Marre was an expert chemist at the Appellate Court of Paris, and in 1911 wrote the encyclopedic, amusing, and at times scary book Défendez Votre Estomac Contre les Fraudes Alimentaires (Defend your Stomach from Food Fraud!), because (and pardon my clumsy translation)

Acheter des aliments devient un art de plus en plus difficile à notre époque où l’habileté des falsificateurs est si grande qu’il a fallu, pour la combattre, créer toute une formidable organisation de surveillance et de répression… Buying food is becoming an increasingly difficult art in our time, where the scam artists are so skilled that we have had to create a powerful organization to monitor them and crack down …

The 600-page book details the signs of quality in every type of food imaginable, with tips on how to avoid a frightening array of unappetizing, cheap, or even downright unhealthy scams, from cats passed off as rabbits (“..but in the case when the cat and the rabbit are mixed in a common ragoût, Continue reading ‘Je me marre avec Marre…’

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