A nice update, and a message to our community

"a vos problèmes, nous apportons des solutions"It’s always hard to write about database updates for Able Grape. In even the smallest update, there are so many new sites, and so many little improvements, that I never know what to single out for mention. So I pick a tiny smattering of things, to give you a flavor of what’s new, and a few fun sites to explore, hoping to neither bore you out of your mind nor to step on anyone’s toes by leaving them out.

Today’s update is no different. There are almost 400 new sites since the beta 2 launch a couple of weeks ago, bringing us to a total of 38,682 sites by the “old way” of counting, though I’ve just switched to a more stringent way of accounting, so let’s call it 38,315. In any case, it’s 400,000 new pages, bringing us to nearly 14 million wine documents! Here’s a sampler of some goodies:

Which brings me to the point…

Able Grape may look like a search engine, but really, it’s a growing, global community of wine professionals and passionate consumers who are linked by their love for wine and a desire — or need — to find trustworthy, in-depth information. You may have noticed that many of the improvements here came from community suggestions. A user tries a query, notices that something’s missing, or that the relevance of the results isn’t what they expected, and they fire us an email. And zing! I look at it and add a site, or fix something, if I can. Or a user with expertise in a particular area sends me a great list of sites to add. And zing! in a few days that area of the wine world has a new, useful resource.

The point is this: we here at Able Grape are a small, albeit passionate team, and the world of wine is big. I need your help. The expertise of our whole community is what will make Able Grape truly great. If you see results that aren’t as good as you’d like, think about what you can add with your unique expertise, and drop us an email (address: feedback AT ourdomainname). It can even be a one-liner; we don’t stand on formalities here. Eventually, I’d like to expose the community, and mechanisms for feedback, more explicitly on the site, but in the mean time, please don’t be shy about sending email! And please take our survey, to help us understand how make can Able Grape the best it can be — and who knows, you might even win a great bottle of wine.


5 Responses to “A nice update, and a message to our community”

  1. 2 Lar August 14, 2008 at 1:24 pm

    Thanks for the mention, Doug, much appreciated.

    Feel free to grab the KML data from the wine map of Ireland (mapping the good wine shops in the country on a Google Map)

    Let me know if I can do anything else,


  2. 3 Lizzy August 15, 2008 at 9:13 am

    You’re doing a very good work!


  3. 4 ablegrape August 15, 2008 at 6:00 pm

    Thanks Terry, Lar, Elisabetta! I really appreciate all of your involvement!

  4. 5 armonicasolar August 22, 2008 at 5:47 pm

    Such a honour to see my run-of-the-mill blog be included in Able Grape’s search engine! I’m talking about AG everywhere, it’s an awesome work you’ve done.

    Saluti da Roma

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