Huge database update (and a pretty bottle of Rioja)…

I’m liking this “publish a wine picture with a software update” thing. It just makes it all that much more interesting, almost as if writing software were some sort of sensual gourmet experience instead of a slog through endless minutiae. I suppose I could draw parallels between the undesired presence of certain bugs both in the vineyard and in one’s code, but that would be getting a tad geeky, even for me. The pictured bottle is a 1994 Gran Reserva from Bodegas Campillo, 100% Tempranillo, a lovely traditional Rioja enjoyed a couple of nights ago at Laïola, where it paired beautifully with the cigrons amb morcilla and especially with the roasted lamb with spring peas and cipolline.

Which brings me to the real intent of this blurb. I just put live a major database update, with some 500,000 new pages across hundreds of new sites, and lots of relevance improvements as well. Blog coverage has been considerably beefed up, by popular request. There are hundreds of new producers from North America to Slovenia, and lots of other goodies. If you’ve sent in a submission in the last couple of weeks, you should be in here. If you looked for something on Able Grape and couldn’t find it, well, it’s there now. Really. From press about Brunello or Robert Mondavi to new direct shipping resources to Dveri Pax, to better results for Bukettraube or Sine Qua Non. Try it. And if it’s not there, or you have any other suggestions, as always, please drop us a note (email: feedback @ our domain name). I’d like to make Able Grape the best it can be.

One more thing. I’m sure the dyed-in-the-wool bloggers out there will laugh at my naïvety when I say that I learned something from my previous two posts: If I publish something about a truly useful feature with a relatively dull title like “search preferences and other features,” I’ll get a few clicks from the most supportive (or truly bored) users — thank you, you know who you are. But then if I publish something relatively banal with a tantalizing title like Top Queries February-April, suddenly everyone clicks on that (see, you did it again!), and the poor ugly sibling post gets a bit lost in the mad rush to see what everyone else is searching for. The popular queries, as I’m sure you noticed, really aren’t all that exciting; the truly interesting queries are the unique ones which make up 99% of the traffic! So, if I may, I’d like to reiterate the kind plug of the prior posting, that is, please register; it will help me let you know as we make major improvements to Able Grape, and it enables some truly useful features. More to come of those soon.


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