Top Queries February-April

I thought it would be fun to share a list of the top queries we’ve been seeing come in.

Some of these are in the examples or other blog postings, so that clearly biases the results. Rather than remove these, I’ve simply indicated which they are — it’s interesting to see which ones attract the most attention. This data is sorted by the number of unique users trying each query since launch. Take these with a grain of salt — my method for determining unique users is fairly primitive, and many of these were doubtless influenced by articles written elsewhere mentioning particular queries, like Jancis Robinson’s kind plug in her recent note about dry farming.

Note also that many of the examples used filters, but I have lumped all versions of a query, filtered or not, into one. The links below are to unfiltered queries (yes, yes, and unfined, too — I just know you were thinking it!) Add your own filters, if you like, when you try the queries (for example, queries for regions or appellations tend to return official sites first, but if you want to hear what journalists think, filter by Press).

  1. champagne (*)
  2. pinot noir
  3. Read on for the rest of the list…

  4. spain (*)
  5. aloxe corton maps (*)
  6. zinfandel (*)
  7. dolcetto (*)
  8. nebbiolo (*)
  9. barolo
  10. cascina delle rose (*)
  11. chardonnay
  12. dry farming
  13. barbera
  14. tempranillo (*)
  15. bordeaux
  16. italy
  17. merlot
  18. syrah
  19. malbec
  20. argyle (*)
  21. ribera del duero (*)
  22. 1995 pichon lalande (*)
  23. shiraz
  24. amarone
  25. wine
  26. denmark (*) — and note there are two Denmarks in the wine world; click on the link at the top of the page to select the one you mean.
  27. climate change (*)
  28. australia
  29. montalcino (*) — and note that Able Grape considers Montalcino a town, and Brunello di Montalcino a wine. Click on the see also link to get results for the wine.
  30. cabernet
  31. pinot
  32. st peray (*)
  33. voyager cabernet merlot 2004
  34. felsina (*)
  35. chianti
  36. brunello (*)
  37. resveratrol (*)
  38. rauzan segla (*)
  39. south africa
  40. paella pairings (*)
  41. riesling (*)
  42. malolactic (*)
  43. layer cake — the top site here is the distributor for this wine, but in the next database Able Grape will know that a “chocolate layer cake” is not a wine 😉
  44. petrus
  45. rioja
  46. sauvignon blanc
  47. pinot gris
  48. latour
  49. brillette 2005 — interestingly, Brillette has a website, but they don’t have the 2005 on it.
  50. 4-ep (*)
  51. alsace

(*) indicates a query mentioned in the help or a blog posting.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions about how to make these results better? Post away!


2 Responses to “Top Queries February-April”

  1. 1 Michael Stancer May 16, 2008 at 10:02 pm

    Thanks for this site. At first, I was only using the search box and found pretty good results. However, now that I am using your filters I have no need to use any other search engine for wine information. It is very impressive, and from my short experience in the computer engineering world, I can acknowledge how much work it has taken. Thanks again.

  1. 1 Huge database update (and a pretty bottle of Rioja)… « Able Grapes and Garbled Peas Trackback on May 28, 2008 at 8:44 pm

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