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Able Grape at Vinitaly

Well, it’s that time of year again — time for Vinitaly. I’ll be there as usual, like a kid in a candy shop, trying to taste as many wines as I possibly can, and inevitably ending up both overwhelmed and falling far short of what I’d like to have experienced (you’ll be able to recognize me easily, I’ll be the guy with the wine glass).

This year is a little different than in past years, though. Now that Able Grape is launched, I’d really like to meet with people, find out how you look for wine information on the web, listen to your first impressions of Able Grape and find out how I can make it better.

Also, the Regione Piemonte has been kind enough to host a small presentation about Able Grape; the gracious and incredibly knowledgeable Maurizio Gily, editor of the trade journal Millevigne, will be interviewing me and I’ll do a little demo. I’m a bit nervous as this is my first-ever public speaking in Italian (venite a v-v-vedere come b-b-balbetto dalla paura!). Seriously, if you’re not doing anything at 16.30 on Thursday April 3, please come join us in the Regione Piemonte stand. There’s usually a fine banco d’assaggio of Piemontese wines just behind the presentation area, so if I stammer too much, you can always just taste.

In any case, if you’d like to meet up at Vinitaly, please do get in touch!

Browser plugin and other new features

Just put live a few features:

A redesigned home page, which makes it a little clearer what Able Grape is about and also puts site news right on the home page. You may need to refresh your browser to pick up some of the changes. Please let me know if you have problems!

Able Grape now has a browser plugin for Firefox and Internet Explorer 7. What this means is that you can search Able Grape directly from your browser. Actually, it’s had this for some time, but the feature was launched without fanfare. It’s in the help, but people keep asking for it, so clearly I need to market the feature better!

To install, just go to the Able Grape home page. Your browser will “auto-discover” our search plug-in, and the search plug-in pull down menu, at the top right of your browser, should faintly highlight. Use this pull-down menu, and select Add “Able Grape” (Firefox), or Add Search Providers (IE 7). And voilĂ ! You can use Able Grape right from your browser. Note that Safari does not yet support this plugin method; we hope to come up with a Safari solution soon.

Read on for more information on the features and improvements in this release!
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Yet another new database live

Well, it’s that time again — just updated the DB.

There are some 800 new sites in this database, about 5-10% bigger in terms of useful pages than its predecessor (we’re still at about 10 million pages, because we’ve cleaned out some less useful content).

There are also a number of small features and improvements. Read on if you’d like some examples!

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