Off to the Climate Change and Wine Conference

Headed off to the Climate Change and Wine conference in Barcelona, and plan to write about it afterwards. If any of you will be there, please drop me an email! Meanwhile, I’m building a new version of the database with about 1000 new sites and a few improvements. If all goes well, that should be live within a few days. Subscribe to this blog’s feed to get notification as soon as new features go live!



1 Response to “Off to the Climate Change and Wine Conference”

  1. 1 Angela Reddin February 27, 2008 at 3:08 pm


    I too was at the Climate Change Conference and found it quite face altering – eye popping and jaw dropping, well, thought provoking at the least. I also have reams of notes to write up – I’ll look forward to comparing with yours. Regards, Angela

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